10 thoughts on “Hannah and Ella – Hot Words

  1. Dear Hannah and Ella,
    I think your spelling is different then ours.It is very interesting. I do look say cover write check and also question and statements with our words.
    Room 5 superstars

  2. Dear Hannah and Ella,
    I liked your video.hot words look very fun.I’m looking forward to telling my spelling teacher about it.In spelling we do LSCWC, color words,magic square,dictionary definition and syllables.
    Sasha, Room 5 Superstars

  3. Dear Ella and Hannah
    I think your work is fantastic because it is different to us but we also use the whiteboards. I really liked the effort you put into the video.
    Josh and Hugh
    Room 5 Superstars

  4. Dear Ella and Hannah,

    We like how you do spelling. We also enjoyed how you used the whiteboards. I play bingo and do worksheets (Millie). We also do dictionary definitions and look, say, cover, write, check (Keyan).

    From the room 5 superstars.

  5. Dear Ella and Hannah
    I think your spelling class is more fun then ours. It looks like you are learning some of the words you don’t know. Why did you open your mouth when you looked at the camera in the video?From Evan and Rosie-May
    room5 superstars

  6. Dear Ella and Hannah,

    Your spelling is so cool, we watched your video.
    I like how you use different materials in your spelling. We both do chain words and dictionary definitions in our spelling class.

    From the room 5 superstars.

  7. Hello Hannah and Ella,
    This is what my spelling class does. First we do LSCWC. Number two we make up chants with our spelling words. We also do colour words and put our words in alphabetical order.
    Mack and Jemima
    room 5 superstars

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