Goggles and Brainiac Play ‘Do They Rhyme?’ by Chanabella

Chanel and Isabella have created a movie to show how to think carefully about words that have the same letter patterns. Do they always sound the same?  It helps to say the words out loud and think of their meanings. Goggles and Brainiac would like to ‘bump up’ their word work. Can you think of some more words that contain the same letter patterns but make different sounds? Then they can make a new movie!

This movie uses a worksheet from the book ‘A Sound Way’.

Goggles and Brainiac play ‘Make Your Own Words’ by Chanabella

Chanel and Isabella created this movie to demonstrate compound words. It helps to think about them in your head: as you hear them and as you read them. It also helps to use the strategy of ‘look for a part within the word’ to help you read it. Do you know any compound words?

This movie uses a worksheet from the book ‘A Sound Way’.


Ella and Hannah created this movie to show what they know about Australia’s most endangered animal – the Western Swamp Tortoise. After reading the book ‘Yakkinn, The Most Dangerous Year’ by Gerald and Guundie Kuchling, they created a movie to tell us about the habitat, diet and predators of this little creature from Perth.  Would you like to know more about the WesternSwamp Tortoise?  Ask in the comments.


Our friends in Mrs Morgan’s class in Fort Worth, Texas, created this Voicethread. You can see our brainstorm on one of the slides. We thought we would help them with their research project by gathering information about how we celebrate Christmas in Australia.  Can you add anything more?  Visit the Voicethread and record your information. You are welcome to leave a comment with extra information here too, and we will let Mrs Morgan’s class know.



Pencil Case Maths? It was a fabulous project, and many learners bumped up their maths understanding.  Learners, can you comment to explain what we did and how your thinking changed? YOu need to convince our readers that we were thinking, not just playing! Readers, do you have any questions about the maths we were doing?  Leave your comments here.

ELLA AND THE SHADOW – Guest post by Ella

Ella wrote a fabulous story during Daily Five writing today. Please leave her a comment to let her know what’s good about her story, or make a suggestion how she can improve it.

Ella noticed there were lots of shadows on her bedroom wall. Her teeth chattered and she squished her teddy very tightly. Her heart was beating so fast she thought it would burst right out of her. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her mum ran downstairs. She was very worried. She asked Ella “what’s wrong?”

“I am scared of the shadows in my room at night.”

“Oh sweetie, it’s okay. They’re only shadows.”

“But I am terrified. Can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Well okay.”

“Thank you so much Mummy. You are the best.”

“Let’s go to my bed. I am sure Dad will not mind if you sleep in my bed.”

One hour later they were all asleep. Suddenly Dad jumped. He sat up in bed and looked horrified.

Ella asked him “why are you so freaked out Dad?”

“Did you hear the noise?”

“No. Are you sure? Or are you imagining things? Go back to sleep. It’s going to be all right.”

One hour later they were all asleep. Suddenly Dad jumped again. He sat up in bed and looked terrified.

This time Mum woke up too.

“Did you hear the noise too? It sounded like a ghost!”

Mum shivered “I thought it sounded like a swamp monster!”

Just then Ella woke up.  She looked at her mother and father. They were both shivering and their eyes were popping out of their heads.

“It might be just the wind.  Go to sleep” she told them.

One hour later they were all asleep. Suddenly Dad and Mum both jumped again. They sat up in bed and looked totally freaked out.

“It’s definitely a ghost!”

“No, it’s definitely a swamp monster!”

Just then Ella woke up.  She looked at her mother and father. They were both trembling and hugging themselves.

“”Come on guys. It’s only a noise outside and I know what it is. Let me show you.”

Ella took them over to the window. They all saw the branches of the tree scratching on the window in the strong wind.

“You were right all along.  It’s no ghost or a swamp monster.”

Ella smiled. “Now let’s all get a good night’s sleep!”