3D SHAPES – I Used To Think, But Now I Think…

After completing our exploratory activities on 3D shapes, we made an iPod recording to show how our mathematical thinking has changed.  As you listen to the recording, you may like to comment on these aspects:

  • What mathematical language did we use?
  • Has everyone expressed correct mathematical ideas? You may like to write a comment here to them, asking ‘Are you sure? Can you check?’
  • Would you like to add anything that you did not get time to do?  After all, good thinkers are not always fast thinkers.

3d shapes iPod circle mp3

Bad Mum!

Adisa and Hannah have worked hard on a very challenging task: to make a movie explaining the benefits of Nude Food items in a lunchbox.

Give them some feedback. Tell them exactly what you liked about their movie. Also, help them to level up – how do you think they could improve their movie?


JUICE INTERVIEW from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

Vimeo not working? Watch here: Juice Interview

Harrison, CJ and Joshua (camera) interview on of the College office staff, Geraldine. We proimsed to design and make her a fresh fruit and vegetable juice. The interviewers are also telling Geraldine about the health benefits of the ingredients.

What ingredients would you use in your favourite juice recipe? What health benefits would there be for your juice?  Tell us in your comment here.