Spelling Word Card

Antonio and Blake have made a movie to explain how to use our Word Cards to improve spelling.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Was their movie clear?  Do you need more information? Ask them a question to help you use your work card effectively. BUT you have to write as if you are Brainiac, who does not know how to use a word card yet!  Record your questions here in the comments. Blake and Antonio will answer them.

Camp Fashion Queen

Kosta tells us how he solved the problem: ‘Camp Fashion Queen’ using blocks.
The problem:
Kayla has packed her suitcase for camp. She has 4 different tops and 3 different jeans.
How many possible outfits can she have?
CHALLENGE: What if she packed 2 different hats? How many possible outfits can she have?
Thanks Kosta for helping many people in our class improve their Mathematics learning



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Madison has done a good job on her maths problem-solving tasks.  They were all about chocolate!

How would you solve these problems?  Would you draw a different diagram, or use a different problem-solving method?  Leave your comment here.

What Are The Chances?

Shoma and William have made an movie lent Goggles and Spike movie. They have presented it as a game show to tell us about the mathematical language we use to describe  chances. Will it be certain or impossible for the contestants to pick out a brown counter from the bag?

Can you describe any events in your life using these words: certain/impossible/likely/unlikely?

What Are The Chances? from brette lockyer on Vimeo.