Disrupting the Platypus Lifecycle

These two images are historical images from the Powerhouse Museum collection.
The first image is of a ladies’ fashion coat made from platypus fur.
The second image is of a rug made from platypus fur.
Comment to show your thinking about these images. Can you make any connections between disrupting the platypus lifecycle and these images? Leave your comments here.


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Brodie, Madison, Amy, Jema, Zoe and isabella comment about our literacy activity, ‘Postie’. We write letters to friends, recommending a book, and telling them how this book will improve their reading.

Do you think ‘Postie’ is a useful activity in our classroom? Leave a comment here to tell us how it bumps up your learning.

Life Cycle Diagrams – What Do They Need?

Life Cycle Diagrams: What’s Good? from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

Before we created our own lifecycle diagrams, we looked at some from the Internet. Which diagrams were easy to understand? What features did they need to make them more informative?
Following suggestions from the whole class, a group of students used the ipad app ExplainEverything to comment on the diagrams from the Internet. Thanks Monique, Joe, Lucas, Blake and Isabella.
What features do you think a good lifecycle diagram should have?
What features did you remember to put in your own lifecycle diagram? Make a comment on how these features help the reader.

GUEST POST – Dion: ‘Hotdog Man, Fuzz and Peg Man’

The evil doctor laughed his evil laugh. “Hoo hoo ha ha! Today is the day to kidnap Peg Man!” He found an open window and crept inside Peg Man’s house.
Hotdog Man said as he jumped out of bed “I am going to call Fuzz. Today’s mission is to catch the evil Doctor.”
Hotdog Man went to put on his costume but it wasn’t there.
He heard a noise.
“Open the door!”
Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” screamed Hotdog man.
Fuzz was in the shower.
“I hate it when you don’t knock before you come in, Hotdog Man!”
They put on their costumes.
They went to catch the evil doctor.
Fuzz said “we better get Peg Man to help us.”
So he called Peg Man but the phone didn’t work.
“Hmm, we better go around to his place” said Hot Dog Man.
Fuzz cried out “he’s not here!”
They saw evil doctor with a cage.
Hot Dog Man shouted “Peg man is in the cage!”
So they chased the evil doctor.
Fuzz screamed “we’ve lost him!”
“Hmm, where could the evil doctor be going? Let’s try the volcano” said Hot Dog Man.
Fuzz noticed Peg Man’s footprints. “Hey we didn’t lose them yet. Look at this!”

Peg Man was scared of the volcano. He screamed. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”
Fuzz and hotdog Man heard the scream. They went to the top of the
but they weren’t there.
Fuzz cried “I need a rest!”
Hotdog Man got leaves and gumnuts and they went to sleep.
They woke up and they went to the volcano but they weren’t there.
So they went to the house that was next to them. They looked inside. They heard a noise coming from upstairs. They went upstairs.
And it was coming from the first room. They went in.
“There‘s the evil doctor” shouted Fuzz. “Come on Hotdog Man, let’s grab Peg Man!”
They got Peg Man back. They all ran out of the house as fast as they could. The evil doctor never, ever, ever, came back again.

AFL Footy HD Live App – Improving Your Reading with Antonio and Marcus

AFL Footy Live app from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

Antonio and Marcus have become experts in using the iPad App AFL Footy Live HD. This is a free app which gives you all the latest results and stats on the games.
Antonio and Marcus have been using the app to bump up their reading. They know that good readers ask questions while reading. This helps to ‘Check for Understanding’ and make connections with what you read. When Antonio and Marcus practise this strategy during ‘Read to Someone’ they are also improving their oral language. They are getting organised with what to say, and thinking carefully about saying a clear message that everyone can understand.
How do I know all this about reading? I interviewed Antonio and Marcus after they made the movie, and they told me so much about their learning.
Best of all, Antonio and Marcus have been coaching other people to use questions while reading the AFL Footy Live HD App.
Have you been coached by Antonio and Marcus during Daily Five time? Please comment here and let us know what you have learnt about improving your reading.
After watching this movie, did you find out more about what good readers do? Comment here.

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