The Seed Project

On our first day of school we started a year-long Trail of Thinking: How is learning like a seed? As part of our first Divinity lesson all the Grade Two students gathered together, shared a bible reading, listened to a prayer written by Jema, and then planted a seed in a seed pot. The pots have gone home, where we will care for them, and report on their progress throughout the year.
Do you have any ideas on how learning is like a seed?  Leave your comment here on the Wallwisher.

On Friday we looked at how Grade 2R described how learning is like a seed and decided we would make posters just like them. Here is Monique’s:

9 thoughts on “The Seed Project

  1. Hello Year 2L and Ms Lockyer. Jasmine and I have been looking at your blog and reading about the wonderful things that have been happening in class.
    Jasmine absolutely loves the seed project. She is so excited that we bought a small water bottle and she sprays her plant quite often. So often that she has saturated the little pot. She moves her plant indoors at night and takes it out during the day for some fresh air and sunshine.
    Yesterday we bought a bigger pot. Jasmine put on her gloves and re-potted her plant. It has grown a fair bit since it was a seed.
    This seed project has now inspired us to start a herb pot for our kitchen. Thank you Yr 2L!

    • The herb pot for the kitchen sounds like a very good idea, Kathy. Maybe we could swap recipes for the herbs that you grow.
      Ms Lockyer

      • Hello Mrs Lockyer and class
        My name is William and I can’t wait to start next term. I really like your seed trail and the vegetable garden outside the class room, but my favorite is the worm farm.
        Have a great holiday , from Willliam

  2. Monique and I discussed how learning is like a seed. If you look after your brain by listening, reading and trying your best, your brain will keep growing like a seed every minute of every day.

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