The Tomato Project Part 3


Our final assessment is a reflection on the Tomato Project. We have used a focus on tomato production for the Central Idea in our Inquiry:
Our lines of inquiry were:
1. Origins of Products
2.Availability and access to food
3. Changes products go through

Our helpful concepts were:

For your final assessment, write about how your learning changed during the tomato project.
Some useful thinking starters:
I used to think…but now I think…
Something that’s bugging me about…is…
A question that I have grown is…
I never knew that…
I think this information is useful because…

26 thoughts on “The Tomato Project Part 3

  1. I never knew that they had to go though so many diffrent stages to get the perfect tomato. They are also very diffrent stages.

    From Lauren.

  2. I used to think tomatoes were something you just eat. But now i think you can eat / do deep thinking about if it is good.

    Tomatoes are perfect for the consumer. Tomatoesare so juicy you will love the flavour. The bad tomayoes are made into tomatoe sauce.

    tomatoes are realy good things to make your thinking better. Tomatoes can burst with Knowledge.

  3. I used to think that they did not put Acid, sugar and sodium.But now I know that the add the right amount of acid, sodium and sugar.

  4. I used to think there was only five stages in the tomato process, but now I know there is eleven stages in the tomato process.

    I never knew that the tomatoes were washed to romove the dirt. I thought the tomatoes were washed to help it grow.

    I leart that the tomatoes get tested in a laboratory for quality. Not just to make the tomatoes healthy.

  5. Hello,
    Its me Sarah I am here to talk about my learning on the Tomato Project.
    I have some Information about this subject, ‘Tomatoes go along many stages of perfection but the stages have consequences like the food having poison in it’ I think this information is useful because it tells you theres consequences in working with food in a factory in each stage.I never knew that Tomatoes had added acid,sodiem and sugar.

    Now here is some more useful information to learn,Tomatoes have a growing stage for over a year! it is ‘Way’ longer than a flower to grow.So the people in the factory must work very hard if there in the gardening stages.

    It will be very hard if you are in the sorting stage one wrong move will be a big mistake like if one wrong ingredient goes into soup you cant’t take it out.

    Bye From Sarah

  6. I never knew that they had to go though so many stages to get the perfect tomato.

    There are very different stages too.
    I leart that the tomatoes are very important to people.

    They have to be perfect for the costomers to eat.
    The costomers expext perfection.
    I leart lots of things.

    From Lauren.

  7. I used to think that minecraft was used for making anything, but know I think that minecraft is also used for helping me with the tomato robot inqury. It really helped me with my learning.
    Something that is bugging me about the minecraft activity is that not everyone is getting the job done because I think there wasting there time. They really need to inprove how fast they do it in timwe to show there video.
    I never knew that LED light’s were used to speed up the process. I also never knew that pinkhouse farming was faster and easer than greenhouse farming

  8. I think this information usefull because becouse this project can be like any other type all fruit they need to be perfect fruit.
    I never knew that tomatoes were tested with sodium and sugar and acid becous i thout that acid kills you but now i know that it is sodium.
    I used to think that fruit was just from the shops but now i now that it is made by factorys but the shops order them so the consumer can eat them.
    some thing thats bugging me is that they have to all go threw all the stages just for the perfect tomatoe and they wash all the tomatoes how can they get back from the river and in a factory?.

  9. I think that this project was really intresting. I used to think thta tomatoes where only red but now I know that they also start green. Something that is bugging me is how people use LED lights to grow plants because sun has special things in it that help the plants grow, Maybe they made the lights with that special thing?
    My favourite acitvity was Minecraft because I enjoyed the building and the Explain every thing.
    I enjoyed “No tomatoes” because it made me think deeply and hard.
    The tomatoe project helped me level up.

  10. I used to think that tomatoes were grown on trees.But know i know that tomatoes are grown on plants.The tomatoes are grown on plants because the areplanted by seed.

  11. I used to think that tomatoes go through 3 stages but now i think they go through 10 stages.
    The thing that suprised me was that tomatoes grow off plants not trees i didnt know that.
    Whats bugging me is that why do tomatoes have sugar in them when they are vegtables.I never new that tomatoes can be small.

  12. I used think that tomatose just get put in cans but now think that they have nine difrent stages. If one of the stages went wrong with the tomatose then the customer would not bye the tin of tomatose.
    from joshua

  13. The tomatoes need good soil so they can get nice and juicy. I wonder if tomatoes grown in good soil will be better than those grown in bad soil. If the soil is bad it will be borst and poeple wont buy it.
    I used to think that tomatoes came from trees
    and now i think they come plants. If i made a robot i will make it small enaf so it can pick them.
    My favourite activity was tomato robot on minecraft

  14. I used to think that tomatoes were from the shops. Now i think that therefrom factorys
    I used to think that tomatoes were sweet by themselves.But now i now that suger is added.
    I used to think that tomatoes were just put into cans.But now i now that they need to go throgh stages.

  15. Hello,
    its me Jasmine.W and I want to talk to you about how my thinking has leveled up in Tomatoes.
    I used to think that the Tomatoes only added sugar to make the Tomatoes taste good, but now I know that they add sugar , acid and sodioum to make it taste greater than EVER!!!

    I never ever knew that tomatoe had so many stages to put a Tomato in a tin there are eleven.

  16. I used to think that tomatoes.Where picked of a tree.And sent to the super maket for the customer to eat.
    This what i learn in the tomatoe activety.I learn the stages what they go through.
    And that they got tested before they get eaten.And they have a look for bad stuff

  17. Hi Ms Lockyer,
    At first I didn’t know what harvest meant and now I know what it means.

    I used to think that tomatoes dont go threw all those steps but now I do. Something thats bugging me about is that why does all the tomatoes go threw all those steps when you can just get a tomatoe and put it in the tin.

    I never new that tomatoes are transported to the processsing plant.

  18. I didn’t now that tomatoes need to go through all those proeseses just to make it perfict. I didn’t now that tomatoes are cooked. I dont now if the tomatoes that i eat are cooked.

    I wander why do thay need to be cooked? I thought if you cook tomatoes when you touch it ,it will get all scweeshy like a roten tomato

  19. When the truck is transporting the tomatoes might fall out of the truck. Or the tomatoes might get squashed by the walls of the truck and other tomatoes. Or the tomatoes might not get loaded.

    when the tomatoe cans go in the oven they might cooked at 121c in sted of 250c. The wrong tins might go in.

  20. I use to think making a short sentence would make sense. but now I learnt you have to make a long sentence. It will make more sense.
    Now my question is why do tomatoes are red?

  21. I used to think that when most foods are made, they are usually home made. But now I think that most of them are manufactured. I think that sometimes in the olden days there was not much manufactured food available.
    What’s bugging me about food is how the prices might go up or down. The price might go up if there is more food in the can. The price might go down if the food is made in another country and the people in their factory don’t get paid as much.
    What amazes me is how some supermarkets decided to make some things cheaper than others. At Aldi, sultana bread is only $2.00.
    What’s bugging me is that the same food is sometimes at different prices, like milk. Is the person in charge of making the food the one that tells them the price?

  22. Something that’s bugging me is that when the tomatoes are in the truck wouldn’t they get dirty and bruised? But know I know that nothing happens to the tomatoes.

    What’s bugging me is that why do the tomatoes get washed then picked out. But I know now that they get washed because they might have dirt on the tomatoes.

    I never knew that tomatoes have acid, sugar and soudium in the tomatoes. But know I know that the tomatoes have acid, sugar and souidum in the tomatoes.

  23. When We started the Tomatoe project I had a wondering that why does the tomatoes go green. An then the next day of inquiry I learn that the tomatoes go green because there not ready to be picked yet. I grew this question.” Why didn’t they use smaller tomatoes instead of chopping them up. And I grew it by saying”why are fruits chopped or left whole.

  24. Hi Ms Lockyer,
    I have liked learning about the tomato project.
    My favourite thing was doing Minecraft.

    I used to thing that the tomato didn’t have to go threw all those stages to just get one tomato and now I think it was impotent to go threw all those stages.

    Whats bugging me is that it does not matter when the tomato has to get planted in the right seasons. And it doesn’t matter what county it gets sent to.
    And it does matter what soil it get planted in.
    Because all soils are different and the temperature can be higher or lower.

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