Camp Weekaway

I hope you enjoy our Camp Weekaway movie.  After watching, please leave a QUALITY comment.

  • What did you learn on camp?
  • How could we make camp better?
  • What was your favourite activity and why?
  • What was your favourite food on camp?

If you think of another question, include it in your comment so that others can answer it.

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2 thoughts on “Camp Weekaway

  1. Hi 3L
    Boy! it was a fantastic camp.
    What did you enjoy the most about camp ms Lockyer!??
    Anyway that was a brilliant video about camp it will remind me of camp!
    From Antonio (Tony)
    P.s i had a wonderfull birthday with 72 kids!!

    • Thanks for leaving the first comment Antonio.
      I think my favorite part about camp was the archery. I had never done it before and I thought Tara’s dad did an excellent job of teaching all the kids how to do it. I also liked how the kids went to bed without a big fuss!
      Ms Lockyer

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