Our Excursion to The Melbourne Museum

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On our excursion to the Melbourne Museum we found out more about the systems in the human body and made connections with this knowledge and our inquiry: Lifestyle affects health and wellbeing. Would you like to know more? Leave a question in your comment.

8 thoughts on “Our Excursion to The Melbourne Museum

  1. In the museum i learnt about body parts and about dinosaur bones.and i learnt that a heart is not like a one you draw .and a heart is not just red.i also learnt about animals.

    • Hello Jhett
      Thanks for your comment.
      I really liked the room with all the models of the body parts. I was also amazed about the model of the heart. I thought it looked massive, but I guess it does have to pump blood all around my whole body!
      Ms Lockyer

  2. Dear miss Lockyer,
    I had a lot of fun at the museum. I learnt lots of things there that I didn’t know. The excursion was one of my favorite so far than grade prep,1 and 2.
    Did you have fun at the museum?

    From Lauren.

    • Yes Lauren, I had a great time at the museum – especially with the wonderful Zombies gang! One of the best things for me was discovering the knowledge and interests of my students. You all have amazing brains!
      The saddest thing was not being able to see all of the museum. We missed out on the Rainforest and the Phar Lap exhibits. Perhaps we should have had a sleepover in the Museum!
      Ms Lockyer

  3. I had so much fun on the excursion.My favourite part was learning about the body parts.I found out that you should drink lots of water because it makes more blood in your body and you will survive longer.My mum watched the video with me and we think it is really good.

    • Thanks for your comment Darcy. If you go to any funky museums in the holidays, please let me know. This might give me some ideas for some fabulous class excursions.
      Ms Lockyer

  4. Hi everyone,
    I wished I was there with you at the Melbourne Museum. I don’t remember ever going there before, but mum says I have been there twice before. I watched your movie and I loved it. I hope you all had a good time there. I heard that you learnt a lot about the human body.
    Love Jasmine

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