Tobacco and smoking

As part of our inquiry into the effect of lifestyle choices on our health, we are finding out about tobacco and smoking.

Do you know any effects of smoking their health? Please put them in a comment here.

19 thoughts on “Tobacco and smoking

  1. Dear class
    Smoking is an poor lifestyle choice as it makes your lungs unhealthy and your teeth yellow and rotten.

    Wendy and Jas W

  2. Alcohol affects the body. It can damage the liver
    And kidneys.
    Smoking is addictive and can cause you to get short of breathe

  3. Smoking does so many terrible things to your body, some effects that can be seen and some very nasty effects that can’t be seen.

    Some effects you can see are yellow or rotten teeth, over time you can develop a wrinkly mouth, yellow and brown stained fingers and finger nails. You can even lose your fingers and toes.

    The biggest effect that can’t be seen is Cancer. Cancer is very painful and you can even die. Also, smoking is very addictive, which means once you start, it is very hard to stop smoking, so it is best to never even start.

  4. Hello ms Lockyer
    I think the cause of smoking is when you smoke it causes lung cansa because when you smoke you get tar in your body. What do you think is the cause?
    From cj.

  5. Smoking causes lung disease & cancer, which can cause death. It can cause respiratory problems such as emphysema , asthma. It can also cause birth defects. Very smelly

    From Mary & Breanna Lauren

  6. Dear ms Lockyer.smoking gets worse by smoking more and more.!!
    The tobacco that gets in your body can kill you.
    By smoking more it is a very bad thing to do with your body. I hear it is hard to quit it is a bad bad drug to have.

  7. Hi miss Lockyer,
    Smokers can damage there lungs, body and brain. You start fighting when other people and sometimes even friends and family. They get addicted to the acid in the smoke and Tabasco.
    They can’t stop!
    From Lauren.

  8. Smoking affects your heart, breathing and your health. Smokng can cause long term sickness and harm to your body.
    Smoking is very bad for your body. Once you start it is very hard to stop.

    You need to be 18 years old to drink Alcohol.
    If you drink to much alcohol it can make you do silly things to yourself and others.
    When drinking alcohol you need to be presponsable for the amount you consume.
    If you drink to much alcohol you are not allowed to drive a car.

  9. Dear Ms Lockyer
    Smoking in pregnancy is bad because the tobacco damages the placenta. The placenta feeds the baby oxygen and nutrient, if it is damaged it doesn’t feed the baby properly and the baby could be born small or sick

    Smoking smells terrible and makes your clothes smells.

    From Hannah and Michelle

  10. Dear ms Lockyer smoking effects you in many ways .when you start smoking it taste good. but when you do it every day it taste bad.

  11. Dear Ms Lockyer.smoking is very bad for your health because it can cause lung cancer and shorten your life. You should never ever smoke because your life is very precious.

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