11 thoughts on “Swashbuckler Part 2

  1. Hello Jassy W
    You were very good when I was working with you in ‘Swashbuckler Part 2’. We were the best team me, you and Cath.
    Do you have a good book we can do another play recording with?
    Best Wishes

    From Sarah

  2. Hi Sarah and Jasmine.w
    We make a great team.So next time,Sarah can you get a book about something so we can make a playscripts. Thanks.
    From Catherine

  3. Dear ms lockyer,
    I think I need to enproove on using much more expressing when I was doing listen to reading
    From Jasmine.W

  4. Hi Jasmine w,Sarah,Catherine
    I enjoyed listening to your voices.
    Next time I think that you could speak
    Like the character.
    But you did a really good job.
    From Madison

  5. Hi Swashbuckler Crew
    I loved your presentation it was veery clear and I heard it really well.My favorite character is Anton. What is yours?

  6. Dear Catherine,Sarah and Jasmine W
    Hi girls you did very well. I was wondering
    For swashbuckler part 3 please talk louder I could
    Not understand what you were telling us about.

    From Breanna.

  7. Dear Catherine, Sarah and Jasmine W,
    Hi girls, You did a fantastic job! You used your expression at the right time. You did a few cuts in the middle, but you still did a great job. Keep up the good work! Are you doing Swashbuckler part three? If you are let me know.
    From Lauren.

  8. Dear Jasmine Sarah and Catherine
    I enjoyed listening to your recording. If you have a favourite part what would it be ?
    From Ava.

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