Lucas M Presents: ‘C’ as in Lucas

Lucas has made a movie using the app MadPad. He demonstrates all the disfferent ways that the sound ‘C’ can be written: C/CK/CC/SCH/QU/K.
Can you think of any other words which contain the ‘C’ sound? Write them in your comment here.

6 thoughts on “Lucas M Presents: ‘C’ as in Lucas

    • That is great news Lucas. I think the app makes it much easier to post items on Voicethread.
      Here is a challenge for you: make a new separate Voicethread – not your Level Up one, just for Skylanders. This might be a good place for you to put your Skylanders photos and do a voice comment on them. You could do a “guess who'” puzzle for each one, and give us three clues about your character.
      Then…more challenge…I can show you how to embed your Voicethread on the Skylanders blog. Oh, I love an ICT challenge!
      Ms Lockyer

  1. Good work in the movie ‘C as in Lucas’ but use you fingers to count with out talking when you go ‘123 go’ and I can not see the tags to do them more close up Thanks From The Learning Owl

      • Dear Ms Lockyer I know a good project for Mad Pad called ‘Whats That Bird’. I will get a bird picture of it not chearping and one not seeing it but hereing it. After the Mad Pad you have to match them number to letter. from Sarah

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