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As part of our Writers’ Workshop, we said the phrase “It’s in my lunchbox!” We could choose which way to say it: with anger, sadness, surprise, boredom, happiness, puzzlement. We then used our experience to write quality sentences with lots of detail.

Thank you Hannah for your excellent video camera work.

Can you guess which way the actors are saying their sentence? Which emotion are they expressing?

5 thoughts on ““IT’S IN MY LUNCHBOX!”

  1. I think that on thursday it will be a great show I hope we might have a rose each because we have done such a great show

  2. What a great bunch of emotions. I especially liked Marcus and his dance move! How cool was that!
    What’s was in your lunchbox today? I had a vey tall celery stick, pasta with olives, onions and bacon, plus a watermelon & cantaloupe fruit salad.

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