Brodie, Madison, Amy, Jema, Zoe and isabella comment about our literacy activity, ‘Postie’. We write letters to friends, recommending a book, and telling them how this book will improve their reading.

Do you think ‘Postie’ is a useful activity in our classroom? Leave a comment here to tell us how it bumps up your learning.

2 thoughts on “Postie

  1. Hi Brodie. I never thought you will be on postie. I think you will bump up your writing. I think it is a great way to write a letter to your friend. From Shoma.

  2. Hi postie group.
    Postie is a great thing to do.
    I hope everyone gets to do a postie.
    I was very interested Brodie got into the group.
    I think you’ve done a good one now, but I think you can do a better movie.
    From Antonio

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