Chanel’s Mum Trish generously donated some stationery for our next class shop. We thought that we would like to use real money for this shop, so each person brought in $1.00 in 5c pieces. At the end of the day we counted all the money and had $25.00. This is going towards our first Kiva loan.  You can read about the Kiva Loan system here:

Did you enjoy this shop? Was it more successful or less successful than the other class shops we have held?  Write your comments here.

4 thoughts on “STATIONERY SHOP DAY

  1. Hi 2L
    I loved the pen shop!!
    When we did the pen shop why did we have to bring $1 why did we not bring $2 ms Lockyer?
    Ms Lockyer I have an idea what if we ask the whole school to bring $1 and we can donate that as well.

    Bey for now ZOE.

  2. The stationery was fun. We had lots of shops In the year. Most people liked it. The stationery shop is one of my favourite shops. Some people tried hard to make money change.

    • Hello Anas
      Thank you for your comment.
      The shops were great fun. The classroom got a bit noisy at times!
      I noticed that my students improved at other things too, such as taking turns, serving customers, and sharing jobs in the shop.
      Ms Lockyer

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