The Calendar: iPod Circle, Part 2.

After our investigation into the Calendar, we conducted another iPod Circle. As you listen, do you notice how our learning has grown?

Before we recorded, we discussed how all contributions were good, but some stretch the thinking at Grade Two level and beyond! Can you tell which comments are the beyond-Grade-Two thinking?

After our iPod Circle, we discussed how Christmas Day is always on the same date, December 25th. However, Easter is not always on the same date. Do you know why? Help us out with our learning if you know why – leave a comment.

Calendars part 2 mp3


3 thoughts on “The Calendar: iPod Circle, Part 2.

  1. Brilliant Brette!
    A very timely blog. The more I learn about OL the more I realize just how confusing the ambiguities of OL are! Literacy and numeracy have always had clear, measurable, checklisty- type outcomes you can SEE. OL outcomes are often confused with reading indicators. We now know ol proficiency ot paramount in the success or failure of attaining literacy skills. So how can we champion this ‘ugly sister’ to step up and shine? What are best practices? How do we know? How do we measure?

    • Thanks Jasmine. The iPod Circle helped me to work out which students had ‘bumped up’ their maths learning through our calendar activities.
      Thank you very much for helping me to improve what we do in maths in our classroom: through talking and thinking deeper.

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