Brodie and Jai explain their maths activity, Number Scrolls.
They started with two numbers, 81 and 83.
How do you get from 81 to 83? They figured it out using fingers and
thinking, then made a rule on the calculator to create a massively long list of
numbers. 2 + = = =  They even knew how to say all of them!

Why don’t you try to make a number scroll on their numbers? Do you notice any patterns?

4 thoughts on “NUMBER SCROLLS

  1. Hi Everyone in 2L,

    Just checked out your class blog page for the first time and think it’s Fantastic!!!

    Can’t wait to see what you guys are up to next time.

    Thanks again and see you all soon.


  2. I noticed that all the numbers in my pattern were odd numbers. To challenge yourself just don’t start at 1. Try another number to make it more interesting.

  3. i liked you guys work together as a team. i know you don a lot of numbers to inprof your constrate on your maths to don a lot you did’ind dusturd eny ones maths you constrated on your work.

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