Catherine Presents: Tuesday Night live

Untitled from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

Catherine has created an episode of Tuesday Night Live to convince us about the fact that tomato sauce may be a poor choice that affects our health and wellbeing. Leave a comment for Catherine to ask her anything that is bugging you, or that you are wondering about.

Vimeo not working for you? Watch here: Tuesday Night Live – Tomato sauce

Goggles and Brainiac Play ‘Do They Rhyme?’ by Chanabella

Chanel and Isabella have created a movie to show how to think carefully about words that have the same letter patterns. Do they always sound the same?  It helps to say the words out loud and think of their meanings. Goggles and Brainiac would like to ‘bump up’ their word work. Can you think of some more words that contain the same letter patterns but make different sounds? Then they can make a new movie!

This movie uses a worksheet from the book ‘A Sound Way’.

Goggles and Brainiac play ‘Make Your Own Words’ by Chanabella

Chanel and Isabella created this movie to demonstrate compound words. It helps to think about them in your head: as you hear them and as you read them. It also helps to use the strategy of ‘look for a part within the word’ to help you read it. Do you know any compound words?

This movie uses a worksheet from the book ‘A Sound Way’.

Make Your Own Words: Chanel and Isabella

Chanel and Isabella have cfreated their own ‘Goggles-and-Spike’ movie. Starring Brainiac, it’s all about making compound words. Brainiac loves anything to do with Word Work, word puzzles and spelling.

Did you find the movie useful?  Can you suggest any more compound words which could be used in Part 2?


Spelling Word Card

Antonio and Blake have made a movie to explain how to use our Word Cards to improve spelling.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Was their movie clear?  Do you need more information? Ask them a question to help you use your work card effectively. BUT you have to write as if you are Brainiac, who does not know how to use a word card yet!  Record your questions here in the comments. Blake and Antonio will answer them.