3D SHAPES – I Used To Think, But Now I Think…

After completing our exploratory activities on 3D shapes, we made an iPod recording to show how our mathematical thinking has changed.  As you listen to the recording, you may like to comment on these aspects:

  • What mathematical language did we use?
  • Has everyone expressed correct mathematical ideas? You may like to write a comment here to them, asking ‘Are you sure? Can you check?’
  • Would you like to add anything that you did not get time to do?  After all, good thinkers are not always fast thinkers.

3d shapes iPod circle mp3

Flip the Alphabet Buddy Activity with Grade 2E

This maths activity was very interesting, and more enjoyable because we got to teach it to our friends in Grade 2E.

Which letters of the alphabet still look the same after a vertical flip?  Which of them still look the same after a horizontal flip?  Are there any letters which look the same after both a horizontal and a vertical flip?  Write your answer here in the comments.

Flip the Alphabet from brette lockyer on Vimeo.