After a visit from ‘Masterchef’ we decided we would make chefs’ hats to sell in our next class shop. Lucas tried on my hat and we worked out it was definitely too big. We brainstormed our ideas and worked out that we needed to take measurements on our heads, just above the ears. We knew that it was impractical to use counters, paperclips or matchsticks with which to measure, so when someone suggested a tape measure, it was all systems go. We had to work together, helping with the measuring and with the stages of construction of the hats. No gaps and overlaps – accuracy was so important!  We measured the distance around our heads, cut out the correct length for the hat band, attached the plastic bag for the crown, and voila! We have also decided to group our hats as Small/Medium/Large to help our customers decide quickly which one to buy. Thanks to Antonio, we set up an infographic to help us to work out the S/M/L groups.

Dion said “This is the best maths I have ever done”.  Were we doing maths? Can you identify any of the maths thinking or processes that we used? Comment here.