We conducted an experiment to test the differences between heat bags.

Life Cycle Diagrams – What Do They Need?

Life Cycle Diagrams: What’s Good? from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

Before we created our own lifecycle diagrams, we looked at some from the Internet. Which diagrams were easy to understand? What features did they need to make them more informative?
Following suggestions from the whole class, a group of students used the ipad app ExplainEverything to comment on the diagrams from the Internet. Thanks Monique, Joe, Lucas, Blake and Isabella.
What features do you think a good lifecycle diagram should have?
What features did you remember to put in your own lifecycle diagram? Make a comment on how these features help the reader.

How Have I Changed Since I Was a Baby?

How Have I Changed Since I was a Baby? from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

As part of our Inquiry into lifecycles, we have been examining our own lifecycle. How have we changed since we were babies? In this activity we aimed to describe our changes as a scientist would: using specific term and accurate descriptions.
What do you think? Have we used scientific language in our movie? Comment here.