20130614-094937.jpgWe have been listening to the novel ‘Flytrap’ by Meme Macdonald and Boori Monty Prior. In our discussion Elijah suggested the title of the book might be ‘Lytrap’. Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment here with your reasons.

FLYTRAP PATTERNS CHARTWhile reading the last chapter of the book we kept track of our thinking using a ‘Patterns’ chart. We recorded the patterns that we noticed in the book, and what these patterns were making us think.  Can you leave a comment here to ask us about our thinking, or to add to it?

Ava’s Reading Conference

MAH00422 from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

Vimeo movie not working on your device? Play here:  Ava’s Reading Conference

Ava participated in a very successful reading conference last week. Her reading goal was Comprehension, and she was practising the strategy of ‘Make a picture in your head.’ We used the Elizabeth Honey poem ‘Sally’s Secrets’. This video demonstrates how Ava and Ms Lockyer made pictures in their head after reading the poem, to help understand what the poem is about.

Thank you Hannah for your excellent video camera work.

In your comment, give Ava some feedback about her reading progress, or let us know how you have used the strategy.

The Daily Five with Lucas C

With Hannah’s help Lucas presents two helpful segments on our Daily Five Literacy routine. First, Lucas gives us some tips for successful ‘Read To Self’. Then we see Lucas in a reading conference with the teacher, discussing his goal of accuracy and strategy of ‘look closely at the words and letters.’
Thank you Lucas and Hannah.

Can you comment here with any tips for a successful Daily Five session?


Brodie, Madison, Amy, Jema, Zoe and isabella comment about our literacy activity, ‘Postie’. We write letters to friends, recommending a book, and telling them how this book will improve their reading.

Do you think ‘Postie’ is a useful activity in our classroom? Leave a comment here to tell us how it bumps up your learning.

Tara Reads

Tara really impressed us with this video of her reading of the book ‘Car Trouble’. Her Mum Soraia and I thought it had a great message in it.

After we watched the video the class discussed which reading strategies we noticed Tara using. We heard her ‘back up and re-read’. We also noticed that she read contraction words correctly and used speech marks very effectively to help us to understand what was going on. These are part of the strategy of using punctuation to make sense of what you read.

Can you notice Tara using any other strategies in her reading?  Leave your comment here.

Tara Reading from brette lockyer on Vimeo.



Shoma and Zoe have created a movie using Puppet Pals app on the iPad. In this movie, Spike helps Goggles to reflect on his reading progress. Spike tells Goggles how his reading-aloud sounds, and gives him feedback about his quiz questions. What are the quiz questions? These are three questions that Goggles has created, that can be answered  by reading the book.

IMG_0847.m4v from brette lockyer on Vimeo.


Ramona Shoma, Tara, Jai mp3

PLEASE NOTE: This audio recording is quite faint, so turn up your volume to listen in.

Jai, Shoma and Tara made a fabulous audio recording of a play based on the novel ‘Ramona the Pest’ by Beverley Cleary.

In this episode, Ramona starts kindergarten. Her first day does not go smoothly, especially when her teacher asks her to ‘sit here for the present.’

What was your favourite part of the episode? Give Jai, Shoma and Tara some positive feedback and let them know what you like about their presentation in your comments.