Goggles and Spike and the Calendar

Goggles and Spike work out how many sleeps until Goggles’ birthday. Using a calendar and the strategy of counting on in his head, Goggles shows Spike how to get it right.

Can you work out how many sleeps it is until your next birthday? Write the answer in your comment,a dn tell us how you worked it out.

MATHS CHALLENGE!:  What maths did Goggles and Spike need to know to make this movie? Write this in your comments here.


In our maths work exploring the number system, we created sculptures using 15 M.A.B. blocks. We then had to record a number sentence showing how many units our sculpture was worth.Do you know an efficient way to count up the units for each sculpture? Leave a comment here to let us know.

ALDI MATHS – Measuring Capacity

A group of students have prepared an introductory video to help their parents with the Aldi activity on Family Maths Night. The activity called for the user to takes screenshots of items on the Aldi website, which were sold by capacity. Then they were to be classified into those measured in litres or millilitres.
Thanks Ava, CJ, Catherine, Marcus, Darcy, Elijah, Lucas CO, Harrison and Lauren.
Leave a comment here to tell us what you know about measuring capacity using litres or millilitres.

3D SHAPES – I Used To Think, But Now I Think…

After completing our exploratory activities on 3D shapes, we made an iPod recording to show how our mathematical thinking has changed.  As you listen to the recording, you may like to comment on these aspects:

  • What mathematical language did we use?
  • Has everyone expressed correct mathematical ideas? You may like to write a comment here to them, asking ‘Are you sure? Can you check?’
  • Would you like to add anything that you did not get time to do?  After all, good thinkers are not always fast thinkers.

3d shapes iPod circle mp3


During our Maths investigation into measuring capacity, we discovered how many blocks or cubes fit inside a box. We also practised visualising how many blocks might be used in a shape where not all of the blocks can be seen.  Can you view the Voicethread and guess how many blocks?

Camp Fashion Queen

Kosta tells us how he solved the problem: ‘Camp Fashion Queen’ using blocks.
The problem:
Kayla has packed her suitcase for camp. She has 4 different tops and 3 different jeans.
How many possible outfits can she have?
CHALLENGE: What if she packed 2 different hats? How many possible outfits can she have?
Thanks Kosta for helping many people in our class improve their Mathematics learning



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What Are The Chances?

Shoma and William have made an movie lent Goggles and Spike movie. They have presented it as a game show to tell us about the mathematical language we use to describe  chances. Will it be certain or impossible for the contestants to pick out a brown counter from the bag?

Can you describe any events in your life using these words: certain/impossible/likely/unlikely?

What Are The Chances? from brette lockyer on Vimeo.