Catherine, Harrison and Joshua have created movies based on one paragraph of their retell of the bible story ‘The Lost Son’.

What do you think of their movies?

The Lost Son – Catherine

The Lost Son – Harrison

Joshua’s movie here:

To help us with our retell writing, we created an iPod Circle, using dialogue to show the characters’ feelings and point of view. Can you guess the characters? Choose from: the father, the eldest son, the youngest son.

The Lost Son – whole class


Harrison and Kristian interviewed one of our helpful College office staff, Geraldine. She is a big Sydney Swans fan and she was at the match between the Swans and Collingwood. Geraldine witnessed the Adam Goodes incident, and in this interview she tells us more about it.

What do you think of the Adam Goodes incident? Leave your comment here.

Untitled from brette lockyer on Vimeo.


Our friends in Mrs Morgan’s class in Fort Worth, Texas, created this Voicethread. You can see our brainstorm on one of the slides. We thought we would help them with their research project by gathering information about how we celebrate Christmas in Australia.  Can you add anything more?  Visit the Voicethread and record your information. You are welcome to leave a comment with extra information here too, and we will let Mrs Morgan’s class know.



Our Thursday Divinity – or Religious Education – lesson was held in our garden. We learnt about how worms can help the world, as well as how we can help the world.  God made the world for us to live in and we should not waste his wonderful world.  When God made the world he was very kind and made it so we would survive.

We were putting in worm castings so that things will grow really well in our garden. We have worms in the classroom because they are really interesting and the worm castings are useful.

The people in the Bible story didn’t need to worry because if god looks after the birds and the flowers, he will look after us.

If there is a bushfire God will look after you. He designed people to look after one another, so families and friends are really important for caring. God gave us all manners too for caring.  God talks to you in your head and helps you with good thinking.

All over the world everybody’s god is different but their gods all care for people and birds and flowers.

I am wondering what about people who didn’t believe in God and how did they survive in Bible times? Do you have any wonderings about God?  Leave a comment here.