Goggles and Spike and the Calendar

Goggles and Spike work out how many sleeps until Goggles’ birthday. Using a calendar and the strategy of counting on in his head, Goggles shows Spike how to get it right.

Can you work out how many sleeps it is until your next birthday? Write the answer in your comment,a dn tell us how you worked it out.

MATHS CHALLENGE!:  What maths did Goggles and Spike need to know to make this movie? Write this in your comments here.

Camp Weekaway

I hope you enjoy our Camp Weekaway movie.  After watching, please leave a QUALITY comment.

  • What did you learn on camp?
  • How could we make camp better?
  • What was your favourite activity and why?
  • What was your favourite food on camp?

If you think of another question, include it in your comment so that others can answer it.

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We conducted an experiment to test the differences between heat bags.


In your first science lab session we carried out the following tasks:

  • Sophie demonstrated how an air-filled balloon and a water-filled balloon behaved differentely when placed over a candle flame.
  • We practised observing like a scientist with a burning candle and a sparkler.

Why are we doing this? Our inquiry topic is ‘Matter changes its state when adding or removing heat.’

Think like a scientist! Leave a comment here based on your scientific thinking. Explain, describe, wonder about what we did.