THRASS Workshop with Hannah and Madison

Hannah and Madison participated in a spelling workshop with Ms Lockyer during our Daily Five literacy session. The two students are improving their spelling by working out the phonemes and using the THRASS chart to select the correct graphemes for their words. They are also applying their knowledge to spell words using a similar phoneme-grapheme pattern. Hannah and Madison are doing some excellent work here: levelling up with their spelling, and also helping Ms Lockyer improve her teaching.

Can you give us some feedback about our learning in your comments?

Vimeo not working? Watch the movie here: THRASS Workshop with Hannah and Madison


Last week we practised washing our hands, and investigated the reasons why we should wash our hands well.

Blog Comment Challenge: Write a sentence about handwashing, and include one of our power words: AND, HOWEVER,  or BUT. These words will help you to write a sentence that convinces the reader of your point of view.


Our retell of ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes produced some fabulous quality sentences. Here are a few of them.  Leave a comment to any of the writers, telling them what you liked about their sentences, or giving them tips to improve their writing.

“Then they saw a tail, two horns and two bat-like wings.”  CJ

“It was all over the world with pictures falling off walls, cups and mugs falling off shelves and houses moving side by side.’ SARAH

‘The hill started to shake and shake and SHAKE!’ BREANNA

‘What’s that giant thing in the darkness?’ ADISA-0y

‘”I can’t take it any longer!” shouted the dragon.’ LAUREN

‘”If you don’t accept my challenge, I can’t even bother with you.”‘ MADISON

‘There, in front of you, walking in front the all mighty Iron Man, off into the cliff, then he walks into nothing.’ CATHERINE

‘It was a dark winter night when a weird shape appeared in the sky.’ JOSHUA

‘When he reached the ground, all that was left of the Iron Man was bits of his body.’ HARRISON

‘But the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon said in one week that he needs food or then he will stick his long tongue all around the world! ‘ RAM


Brodie, Madison, Amy, Jema, Zoe and isabella comment about our literacy activity, ‘Postie’. We write letters to friends, recommending a book, and telling them how this book will improve their reading.

Do you think ‘Postie’ is a useful activity in our classroom? Leave a comment here to tell us how it bumps up your learning.


As part of our inquiry into shops and money, we developed our thinking around a photo of a Blockbuster Video store which was closing down. After questions and discussion, we used drama to deepen our thinking: who might be affected by the closure and what is their viewpoint?
Brodie, Antonio, Daniel, Lucas, Tara, Jai, Monique, William, Dion, Shoma, Joshua, Madison, Zoe and Jema star in our movie.
See if you can you spot these characters: the man person with no car, the Blockbuster store owner, the manager of K-Mart, the businessman in a hurry, the Blockbuster worker, the bank manager, the fashion store guy, the teenager, the grandparents, and the potato chip delivery guys.

THINKING CHALLENGE:  Leave a comment based on: “I used to think … but now I think…” about video shops, shops closing, or other issues that you have noticed in our activity.


Amy, Ella, Jai, Monique, Shoma and Tara have made a movie to explain what Anzac Day means to them. The movie was made using the SonicPics app on the iPad. The movie was made to tell the students of Forth Worth in Texas about an important national day in Australia.

As you will find out from the movie, the word Anzac came from the involvement of Australian and New Zealand soldiers in World War One. Today we commemorate all Australians involved in war by getting involved in the Dawn Service, eating Anzac biscuits, going to special footy matches, and attending school ceremonies.

Have these moviemakers left anything out? Do you think we should be commemorating Anzac Day doing these activities? Can you think of other ways in which to commemorate?


HOW MANY SLEEPS? on PhotoPeach

Ella, Madison, Monique and Zoe worked on the maths activity ‘How Many Sleeps?’ They had to work out how many sleeps until their next birthday. They used different strategies such as MAKE A TABLE and USE A NUMBER SENTENCE.

How many sleeps until your next birthday?  Which strategy did you use to work it out?


BRRIINNG BRRIIING! went the alarm clock. Charlie looked out the window and decided today was a good day to go on another journey to collect some teeth.

Why did this girl collect teeth? Well, she was a tooth fairy and needed the teeth to decorate her new house.  Her castle looked so nice and sparkly all decorated with teeth.

That night everyone was quiet.  Perfect! Time to collect some more teeth. She went to the next house and tiptoed up the stairs. CRASH!  She tripped over a toy. The sleeping girl was startled and woke up.  She turned on the light. She felt something under her pillow.

Yes, yes, yes!

“Hello tooth fairy. Are you tired? Would you like to stay and rest? I will make a little bed for you.”

The tooth fairy smiled and soon she was fast asleep.

The girl woke up early in the morning while the tooth fairy was still asleep.

“I don’t want to let this tooth fairy go” she thought. “This is my only chance to have my very own tooth fairy.”

She put the tooth fairy in a container with some food but the tooth fairy was really not asleep. When the girl left her bedroom the tooth fairy found herself trapped in the box and tried to get out but she couldn’t get herself out.

“I’m never going to get back to my home” she cried.

Later that day the girl’s mum went in to put the clothes away. A noise made her jump! It was coming from a box.  It sounded like crying. She looked and saw the tooth fairy.

“What are you doing in the box, little fairy? You don’t belong in there. I will set you free. After all, you have got work to do all over the world.”

She let the tooth fairy out and then she was free at last and was happy.

When the little girl came home from school she raced into her bedroom and opened the box. EMPTY!

“Mum, it’s gone!” she screamed.

“Yes, you know you can’t keep creatures in a box” said her mother.

The tooth fairy never came to visit the girl again. The girl was left with all her old teeth under her pillow forever.