Bad Mum!

Adisa and Hannah have worked hard on a very challenging task: to make a movie explaining the benefits of Nude Food items in a lunchbox.

Give them some feedback. Tell them exactly what you liked about their movie. Also, help them to level up – how do you think they could improve their movie?

THRASS Workshop with Hannah and Madison

Hannah and Madison participated in a spelling workshop with Ms Lockyer during our Daily Five literacy session. The two students are improving their spelling by working out the phonemes and using the THRASS chart to select the correct graphemes for their words. They are also applying their knowledge to spell words using a similar phoneme-grapheme pattern. Hannah and Madison are doing some excellent work here: levelling up with their spelling, and also helping Ms Lockyer improve her teaching.

Can you give us some feedback about our learning in your comments?

Vimeo not working? Watch the movie here: THRASS Workshop with Hannah and Madison


Vimeo not working on your computer? Try here: lunchbox

As part of our Writers’ Workshop, we said the phrase “It’s in my lunchbox!” We could choose which way to say it: with anger, sadness, surprise, boredom, happiness, puzzlement. We then used our experience to write quality sentences with lots of detail.

Thank you Hannah for your excellent video camera work.

Can you guess which way the actors are saying their sentence? Which emotion are they expressing?

Ava’s Reading Conference

MAH00422 from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

Vimeo movie not working on your device? Play here:  Ava’s Reading Conference

Ava participated in a very successful reading conference last week. Her reading goal was Comprehension, and she was practising the strategy of ‘Make a picture in your head.’ We used the Elizabeth Honey poem ‘Sally’s Secrets’. This video demonstrates how Ava and Ms Lockyer made pictures in their head after reading the poem, to help understand what the poem is about.

Thank you Hannah for your excellent video camera work.

In your comment, give Ava some feedback about her reading progress, or let us know how you have used the strategy.

The Daily Five with Lucas C

With Hannah’s help Lucas presents two helpful segments on our Daily Five Literacy routine. First, Lucas gives us some tips for successful ‘Read To Self’. Then we see Lucas in a reading conference with the teacher, discussing his goal of accuracy and strategy of ‘look closely at the words and letters.’
Thank you Lucas and Hannah.

Can you comment here with any tips for a successful Daily Five session?


After only two lessons, we are able to say a few sentences in Indonesian. In this AudioBoo recording, Lauren, Hannah, Breanna, Ava and Jasmine W tell us their names, and the names of their parents. They also sing us a song in Indonesian.
Are you enjoying your lessons in Indonesian? Can you remember any words or sentences? Comment here.


Ella and Hannah created this movie to show what they know about Australia’s most endangered animal – the Western Swamp Tortoise. After reading the book ‘Yakkinn, The Most Dangerous Year’ by Gerald and Guundie Kuchling, they created a movie to tell us about the habitat, diet and predators of this little creature from Perth.  Would you like to know more about the WesternSwamp Tortoise?  Ask in the comments.


Antonio, Ben, Brodie, Ella, Hannah, Isabella, Lucas, Tara, William, Zoe and Genie all worked hard to run the stall at our College Country Fair. Thank you team – we could not have done it without you. Thanks to all the Grade 2L team for the preparations as well.  Would you like to know more about it?  Ask them a question in your comments.