Conversations with Mr Nashar

Mr Nashar works with Lucas and Daniel to check our iPad network capabilities

On Friday Nr Nashar, the Head of E-Learning at our College, visited our class to discover how we use Information Technology in our learning.

Do you have some news about our learning to share with Mr Nashar? Do you have any questions for Mr Nashar about our learning?  Write these in your comments here.


As part of our inquiry into shops and money, we developed our thinking around a photo of a Blockbuster Video store which was closing down. After questions and discussion, we used drama to deepen our thinking: who might be affected by the closure and what is their viewpoint?
Brodie, Antonio, Daniel, Lucas, Tara, Jai, Monique, William, Dion, Shoma, Joshua, Madison, Zoe and Jema star in our movie.
See if you can you spot these characters: the man person with no car, the Blockbuster store owner, the manager of K-Mart, the businessman in a hurry, the Blockbuster worker, the bank manager, the fashion store guy, the teenager, the grandparents, and the potato chip delivery guys.

THINKING CHALLENGE:  Leave a comment based on: “I used to think … but now I think…” about video shops, shops closing, or other issues that you have noticed in our activity.


William’s Mum Gail leads a group of young mathematicians who are showing the link between numbers and how these can be described using a number sentence.  They used the apps ‘DoodleBuddy’ and ‘ShowMe’ on the iPad.  It was a marvellous way to record their thinking.

Do you think they should make another video?  What should they do to improve their work?

Graphs – What Do They Tell Us?

We have been investigating graphs – how they help us think mathematically about the world. In this video, Daniel, Chanel, Ella, Jai and Joe show us that they know how to have a title for a graph, how to use labels, and how to read the number scale of a graph.

Can you think of another story for one of these graphs?  Leave it here in the comments.