ALDI MATHS – Measuring Capacity

A group of students have prepared an introductory video to help their parents with the Aldi activity on Family Maths Night. The activity called for the user to takes screenshots of items on the Aldi website, which were sold by capacity. Then they were to be classified into those measured in litres or millilitres.
Thanks Ava, CJ, Catherine, Marcus, Darcy, Elijah, Lucas CO, Harrison and Lauren.
Leave a comment here to tell us what you know about measuring capacity using litres or millilitres.


Last week we practised washing our hands, and investigated the reasons why we should wash our hands well.

Blog Comment Challenge: Write a sentence about handwashing, and include one of our power words: AND, HOWEVER,  or BUT. These words will help you to write a sentence that convinces the reader of your point of view.

Ava’s Reading Conference

MAH00422 from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

Vimeo movie not working on your device? Play here:  Ava’s Reading Conference

Ava participated in a very successful reading conference last week. Her reading goal was Comprehension, and she was practising the strategy of ‘Make a picture in your head.’ We used the Elizabeth Honey poem ‘Sally’s Secrets’. This video demonstrates how Ava and Ms Lockyer made pictures in their head after reading the poem, to help understand what the poem is about.

Thank you Hannah for your excellent video camera work.

In your comment, give Ava some feedback about her reading progress, or let us know how you have used the strategy.


After only two lessons, we are able to say a few sentences in Indonesian. In this AudioBoo recording, Lauren, Hannah, Breanna, Ava and Jasmine W tell us their names, and the names of their parents. They also sing us a song in Indonesian.
Are you enjoying your lessons in Indonesian? Can you remember any words or sentences? Comment here.