The Tomato Project Part 3


Our final assessment is a reflection on the Tomato Project. We have used a focus on tomato production for the Central Idea in our Inquiry:
Our lines of inquiry were:
1. Origins of Products
2.Availability and access to food
3. Changes products go through

Our helpful concepts were:

For your final assessment, write about how your learning changed during the tomato project.
Some useful thinking starters:
I used to think…but now I think…
Something that’s bugging me about…is…
A question that I have grown is…
I never knew that…
I think this information is useful because…


In our maths work exploring the number system, we created sculptures using 15 M.A.B. blocks. We then had to record a number sentence showing how many units our sculpture was worth.Do you know an efficient way to count up the units for each sculpture? Leave a comment here to let us know.


Animoto not working? Click here. String Fever
As part of her presentation into games which Aboriginal children played in the past, Breanna taught us all how to do Cats Cradle string games. Did you know that these games have been played in cultures around the world for a very long time?
Leave a comment to tell us if you enjoyed learning Cats Cradle. What was the secret of successful learning for you?


IMG_3061Our inquiry into heat and changes of state began with a ‘How It Works’ demonstration of a essential oils pot. Leave a comment here to:

  • describe what happened (a recount)
  • describe why it happened (an explanation)
  • write about how to do the activity at home (a procedure).




Harrison and Kristian interviewed one of our helpful College office staff, Geraldine. She is a big Sydney Swans fan and she was at the match between the Swans and Collingwood. Geraldine witnessed the Adam Goodes incident, and in this interview she tells us more about it.

What do you think of the Adam Goodes incident? Leave your comment here.

Untitled from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

3D SHAPES – I Used To Think, But Now I Think…

After completing our exploratory activities on 3D shapes, we made an iPod recording to show how our mathematical thinking has changed.  As you listen to the recording, you may like to comment on these aspects:

  • What mathematical language did we use?
  • Has everyone expressed correct mathematical ideas? You may like to write a comment here to them, asking ‘Are you sure? Can you check?’
  • Would you like to add anything that you did not get time to do?  After all, good thinkers are not always fast thinkers.

3d shapes iPod circle mp3

THRASS Workshop with Hannah and Madison

Hannah and Madison participated in a spelling workshop with Ms Lockyer during our Daily Five literacy session. The two students are improving their spelling by working out the phonemes and using the THRASS chart to select the correct graphemes for their words. They are also applying their knowledge to spell words using a similar phoneme-grapheme pattern. Hannah and Madison are doing some excellent work here: levelling up with their spelling, and also helping Ms Lockyer improve her teaching.

Can you give us some feedback about our learning in your comments?

Vimeo not working? Watch the movie here: THRASS Workshop with Hannah and Madison