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Year Two teacher from Perth, Western Australia.


Animoto not working? Click here. String Fever
As part of her presentation into games which Aboriginal children played in the past, Breanna taught us all how to do Cats Cradle string games. Did you know that these games have been played in cultures around the world for a very long time?
Leave a comment to tell us if you enjoyed learning Cats Cradle. What was the secret of successful learning for you?

ALDI MATHS – Measuring Capacity

A group of students have prepared an introductory video to help their parents with the Aldi activity on Family Maths Night. The activity called for the user to takes screenshots of items on the Aldi website, which were sold by capacity. Then they were to be classified into those measured in litres or millilitres.
Thanks Ava, CJ, Catherine, Marcus, Darcy, Elijah, Lucas CO, Harrison and Lauren.
Leave a comment here to tell us what you know about measuring capacity using litres or millilitres.


20130614-094937.jpgWe have been listening to the novel ‘Flytrap’ by Meme Macdonald and Boori Monty Prior. In our discussion Elijah suggested the title of the book might be ‘Lytrap’. Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment here with your reasons.

FLYTRAP PATTERNS CHARTWhile reading the last chapter of the book we kept track of our thinking using a ‘Patterns’ chart. We recorded the patterns that we noticed in the book, and what these patterns were making us think.  Can you leave a comment here to ask us about our thinking, or to add to it?


We conducted an experiment to test the differences between heat bags.


IMG_3061Our inquiry into heat and changes of state began with a ‘How It Works’ demonstration of a essential oils pot. Leave a comment here to:

  • describe what happened (a recount)
  • describe why it happened (an explanation)
  • write about how to do the activity at home (a procedure).




Harrison and Kristian interviewed one of our helpful College office staff, Geraldine. She is a big Sydney Swans fan and she was at the match between the Swans and Collingwood. Geraldine witnessed the Adam Goodes incident, and in this interview she tells us more about it.

What do you think of the Adam Goodes incident? Leave your comment here.

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In your first science lab session we carried out the following tasks:

  • Sophie demonstrated how an air-filled balloon and a water-filled balloon behaved differentely when placed over a candle flame.
  • We practised observing like a scientist with a burning candle and a sparkler.

Why are we doing this? Our inquiry topic is ‘Matter changes its state when adding or removing heat.’

Think like a scientist! Leave a comment here based on your scientific thinking. Explain, describe, wonder about what we did.