Catherine, Harrison and Joshua have created movies based on one paragraph of their retell of the bible story ‘The Lost Son’.

What do you think of their movies?

The Lost Son – Catherine

The Lost Son – Harrison

Joshua’s movie¬†here:¬†

To help us with our retell writing, we created an iPod Circle, using dialogue to show the characters’ feelings and point of view. Can you guess the characters? Choose from: the father, the eldest son, the youngest son.

The Lost Son – whole class


In our maths work exploring the number system, we created sculptures using 15 M.A.B. blocks. We then had to record a number sentence showing how many units our sculpture was worth.Do you know an efficient way to count up the units for each sculpture? Leave a comment here to let us know.


Animoto not working? Click here. String Fever
As part of her presentation into games which Aboriginal children played in the past, Breanna taught us all how to do Cats Cradle string games. Did you know that these games have been played in cultures around the world for a very long time?
Leave a comment to tell us if you enjoyed learning Cats Cradle. What was the secret of successful learning for you?