THRASS Workshop with Hannah and Madison

Hannah and Madison participated in a spelling workshop with Ms Lockyer during our Daily Five literacy session. The two students are improving their spelling by working out the phonemes and using the THRASS chart to select the correct graphemes for their words. They are also applying their knowledge to spell words using a similar phoneme-grapheme pattern. Hannah and Madison are doing some excellent work here: levelling up with their spelling, and also helping Ms Lockyer improve her teaching.

Can you give us some feedback about our learning in your comments?

Vimeo not working? Watch the movie here: THRASS Workshop with Hannah and Madison

5 thoughts on “THRASS Workshop with Hannah and Madison

  1. Hello Its me I’m just asking WHY DID YOU PUT THE CHART IN MADDISON’S FACE sorry my spelling is bad so Sarah Out

  2. Hi Miss Lockyer,

    I think Madison’s and Hannah’s movie was great. I think for you to be a better teacher is to keep the people like Hannah and Maddy is to keep them with you at Daily Five. Not the whole time of Daily Five, Just 1 round is good.


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