GREEN POTIONS – guest blog post by Adisa

One beautiful blocky day in Minecraft Jenna and Adisa decided to make some mischief. Jenna said “Why don’t we spill green potion on people?”
First they spilled green potions on cows, chickens and sheep. They started to get tired. Adisa finally said “This is boring.”
Jenna then added “Maybe we should spill it on people.”
“That’s a great idea” shouted Adisa.
They started in their own server. Then they joined someone else’s server. This server is called Notch’s Server.
“Who the heck is Notch” Adisa wondered.
“Well I don’t know” replied Jenna in a curious voice. “This guy’s online. Maybe we should find out.”
“OMG”! Jenna and Adisa said together.
“Look there’s Notch” Adisa pointed out.
“Nobody cares” Jenna said.
Jenna and Adisa trolled other players by pouring the green potions on them when they walked in front of their doors.
Adisa said “I’m going to spill the potion on Justin Bieber.”
Adisa was about to spill the potion when Notch came.
“Stop that” Notch bravely demanded.
“Please don’t ban us!”
“Oh I won’t. Instead I hereby order you to go to jail.”
Notch led the two girls in. He let them build stuff but they could not mine.

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