Made for our class assembly, the students have used the slogan ‘Level Up’, as mentioned in the EdTech Crew podcast edtechcrew.net/podcast/ed-tech-crew-219-communal-bathrooms They have chosen an aspect of their learning in which they have improved , or ‘levelled up.’

Have you ‘levelled up’ in any other aspect of your learning? Leave a comment here.  Do you have any tips to give others about how to level up in learning? Let us know in your comment.

Vimeo not working? Click here: Level Up

10 thoughts on “OUR ASSEMBLY – ‘LEVEL UP!’

  1. Dear 3L

    What an awesome assembly presentation yesterday! It was extremely exciting to listen to all of the ways that each of you are levelling up to improve your learning. I loved it and was very proud of you all. Your rap was terrific too.

    Thank you

    • Great to hear from you Kristian.
      Today we did a maths investigation with coins. We were trying to find out if a coin lands more on heads or on tails. The result was about the same. Everyone threw the coins quite a few times. We did nearly one thousand throws between us! Why don’t you try this investigation?
      We also made some more pie graphs, and used the iPad app Popplet to organize our thinking about drinking too much alcohol.
      Ms Lockyer

    • Actually Jhett, it is quite a quick an easy project for me to complete.
      First you have to take your class on a really interesting and fun excursion. Then you have to notice what they are interested in, and take a good photo. Then you choose the best photos and use the tool ‘Animoto’ to put it all together. last of all, you upload it to the blog.
      Do you think it is a good way to tell our parents about what we have been doing?
      Ms Lockyer

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