3 thoughts on “Spacegirl Presents ‘The Lifestyles Show’

  1. Hi Mis Lockyer
    That was great. It was instersting to hear about your lifestyle. This is what I’m doing during the day and during the week. …
    6.30am-mum tries to wake me up
    7.00am-I finally wake up,get dressed and tidy my room
    7.30am-have breakfast, get my lunch box ready and pack up my school bag
    8.00am- brush my teeth and mum fixes up my hair. On the way to school I someties have a hot chocolate.
    After school my grandma picks me up 2 days a week and the other days my mum leaves work early to pick me up.
    On Tuesdays I do swimming lessons, on Wednesdays it’s mummy and me time because my brother and dad will be at soccer training. I might ride my bike while mum runs or we might work out together with mums dumbells. We also v isit the class blog and read together. On Thursdays we do dance triles.. Mum is trying to find a dancing school fe me. Friday is relaxing time after school then at night we have FAMI LY POPCORN AND MOVIE NIGHT.
    On the weekends I like to visit friends or friends come over.
    From jasmine K

    • Thank you for your information Jasmine. Iam glad you liked my wacky movie. I hope it got everyone thinking about how people have different lifestyles. I love how you and your mum have exercise time together. Does your mum dance also?
      Ms Lockyer

  2. Hi I Have a GREAT LIFESTYLE SHOW PLANNED its called ‘A style of life’.I will need to make it at school so after the easter holidays.I will do it and I will also need 2 more people in it.from Sarah

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