Tia, Jasmine W, Hannah and Lauren have made a fine recording of the playscript of Treehorn, based on the book by Florence Parry Heide.  Listen to it here: Treehorn

In your comments give the readers some feedback, especially about their fluency and accuracy.


  1. Hi Im Pop i live in a wall in Sarahs home I came to school and I hered a noise it sounded like a very good from Pop and the typer Sarah

    • hi sarah your sarah and pop the ghost was really funny,
      lisen to mine called tia and the harf gost and the harf bear

  2. Dear Swashbuckler girls,
    I loved your recording. It was great. Jazzy was so good at being Anton. Sarah sounded just like a teacher. Catherine was very good at using expression.
    Next time try not to yell loudly so much.
    How many times did you have to do the recording?

    Love from Tia Maria

  3. Dear Tia,
    I loved your ” Shrinking of tree horn story” that you did with your friends. You all read your parts so well.

  4. Tia I loved listening to you and your friends doing the shrinking of treehorn . It was beautiful and you all sounded all so good just like professionals

    From mum

    • Hello Tia
      Once you have logged into your own blog, look for this menu:
      Then look for:
      Then look for:
      Then choose a nice look for your blog.
      Please let me know if you need more help. You can also ask Sarah as she has changed the look of her blog.
      Ms Lockyer

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