Conversations with Mr Nashar

Mr Nashar works with Lucas and Daniel to check our iPad network capabilities

On Friday Nr Nashar, the Head of E-Learning at our College, visited our class to discover how we use Information Technology in our learning.

Do you have some news about our learning to share with Mr Nashar? Do you have any questions for Mr Nashar about our learning?  Write these in your comments here.

3 thoughts on “Conversations with Mr Nashar

  1. Dear Mr Nashar,
    Do you drink beer? Our class is learning all about what is good for your and what is not. We can help you improve your help by giving you information about alcohol.
    From Lucas

  2. Dear Mr NASCAR I was wondering what apps are good for leaning apps. like apps spelling apps. maths apps are good caese if someone mite ask you a times tabels queton.good apps like maths vs zombie can bump up your maths. From Daniel.

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