Lauren has created a fabulous movie to explain which items around her home are a metre in length.  Thankyou Lauren for a brilliant explanation, and thanks Lauren’s family for assisting her.

Can you think of anything that is approximately one metre in length? Please let us know in the comments.

MAH00358 xvid from brette lockyer on Vimeo.


  1. Thank you Lauren for your Metre Project. I liked how you were looking around your house. I was hoping at the end that you would find something that is a metre. My brother and I were also looking around our house. It is very hard to find something that is exactly 1 metre. But we found 2 things. We found our single couch to be 1 metre across and we found one side of our kitchen bench to be 1 metre.

  2. Hi Lauren.
    I thought you did an excellent job on your video,
    Well done!!!
    Even though you couldn’t find enything that was
    1 metre long, in your house.
    I thought you would find lots of furniture in your house, that was a metre long.
    From tara 3MY!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for visiting our class blog, Tara. You have written a very encouraging comment. YOu are very welcome to visit and comment on our blog any time.
      Cheers from your old friend
      Ms Lockyer

  3. Hi nice movie Lauren.I like it because the funny bits like talking to the things in your home.I think my new table will be 1 meter long.

    See you at school on Monday:)

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