The Daily Five with Lucas C

With Hannah’s help Lucas presents two helpful segments on our Daily Five Literacy routine. First, Lucas gives us some tips for successful ‘Read To Self’. Then we see Lucas in a reading conference with the teacher, discussing his goal of accuracy and strategy of ‘look closely at the words and letters.’
Thank you Lucas and Hannah.

Can you comment here with any tips for a successful Daily Five session?


Our retell of ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes produced some fabulous quality sentences. Here are a few of them.  Leave a comment to any of the writers, telling them what you liked about their sentences, or giving them tips to improve their writing.

“Then they saw a tail, two horns and two bat-like wings.”  CJ

“It was all over the world with pictures falling off walls, cups and mugs falling off shelves and houses moving side by side.’ SARAH

‘The hill started to shake and shake and SHAKE!’ BREANNA

‘What’s that giant thing in the darkness?’ ADISA-0y

‘”I can’t take it any longer!” shouted the dragon.’ LAUREN

‘”If you don’t accept my challenge, I can’t even bother with you.”‘ MADISON

‘There, in front of you, walking in front the all mighty Iron Man, off into the cliff, then he walks into nothing.’ CATHERINE

‘It was a dark winter night when a weird shape appeared in the sky.’ JOSHUA

‘When he reached the ground, all that was left of the Iron Man was bits of his body.’ HARRISON

‘But the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon said in one week that he needs food or then he will stick his long tongue all around the world! ‘ RAM


After only two lessons, we are able to say a few sentences in Indonesian. In this AudioBoo recording, Lauren, Hannah, Breanna, Ava and Jasmine W tell us their names, and the names of their parents. They also sing us a song in Indonesian.
Are you enjoying your lessons in Indonesian? Can you remember any words or sentences? Comment here.

Conversations with Mr Nashar

Mr Nashar works with Lucas and Daniel to check our iPad network capabilities

On Friday Nr Nashar, the Head of E-Learning at our College, visited our class to discover how we use Information Technology in our learning.

Do you have some news about our learning to share with Mr Nashar? Do you have any questions for Mr Nashar about our learning?  Write these in your comments here.