As the new school year starts, I am looking forward to getting to know my students. Are you one of them? Leave you first comment here to let me know what you would like to learn in 2013. Are you one of my previous students? Let me know in your comment about anything you enjoyed about your time in my class.

30 thoughts on “WELCOME TO OUR CLASS BLOG IN 2013

  1. Hi 3L

    Welcome back to Overnewton and to joining 3L. I look forward to reading about all of the amazing things you are learning during 2013.

    I hope you all had a great holiday and are glad to be back at school.

    Mr Laussen

  2. Hi Ms Lockyer,
    Its me, Catherine. This year, I would like to learn about Science and Mathematics. I was not one of your previous student and this year I would like to learn more about you. The thing I like most about you is your kindness and your sense of humour. I hope we have a long lasting relationship

  3. Dear other people on blog

    I am from 3L I was in 2E and I am writing this message because I want to welcome you all to 2013 the year of the snake and all my messages (most on pencil case thing) and thanks for reading and I love writing messages and good message cath and I like reading, writing, maths and computers

  4. hi its me sarah from 3L i have hade a very very good start in school today and adisa if you are reading i can see that voice mail tab i will do it at home all my other comments were typed on my Ipad but this one is from a school computer and adisa can u email me on my school email and can you plz play with me both snack and lunch not today the nezt day send me a email to say yes or no bye

  5. hi kristian here my mum accadently sent this
    comment to 2L but now we are sending it to the right place i am realy looking forward to 3L
    and finding out intresting things AND…

    • Thank you for posting your first comment Kristian. I am already impressed with your maths skills in the first three days of the school year. Have you taught your family members how to play Twins, Triplets, and Quads yet?
      Ms Lockyer

    • This is excellent estimation Tia. I agree – Bluey’s cupboard is about one metre high. Estimation is one of the most common and important maths skills that people do in their lives. If you have time, can you take some photos of a few items in your home which are about 1 metre long?
      Ms Lockyer

  6. Hi 3L.
    I have been looking at your new blog.
    You have had a good start already.
    Some students have Ms Lockyer again
    I am looking forward to seeing more of your blogs.
    From your student last year Antonio
    P.S make sure you have fun this year with the blogs.

  7. Hello ms Lockyer and others I know a app where you can make a blog I think I might be able to see your blog on it can you? Tia Nice comment can we learn more on animals because I want to know more on them. Can we watch a puppet show like googles and spike : ) from sarah

    • Thanks for your comment Tia. I have two more calculator games to teach you: ‘Blast Off’ and ‘Skittles’. I hope to teach them to you soon. Maybe I need Goggles and Spike to help me.
      Ms Lockyer

  8. Dear ms lockyer(and class)This year I’m enjoying maths,writing(or handwriting,)reading,reading to somwone,playing fish, doing twins with a partner,learning indenision,using I P I C K when I read
    From jas w

    • Thank you for working hard on your handwriting yesterday. I have a fun project for you to do at home that will help you with your handwriting. You will also need to use your iDevice for it!
      Ms Lockyer

  9. Hi everyone. 🙂 I like learning. I am very hot on this day I have been playing outside with my dog Wags and the temperature is 28. 🙁 Bye eveyone 🙂

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