Our excursion to CERES let us explore how different cultures express their happiness, gratitude and understanding of their world. What was your favourite part of the excursion? Would you like to design your own dance, music or ceremony?  Comment with your ideas.

6 thoughts on “EXCURSION TO CERES

  1. Hi again 2L

    It looks like you had a brilliant time at CERES – it is one of my favourite places to visit. I look forward to visiting your class this week andd hearing about it.

  2. Hi William

    I would love to hear your music too. Perhaps I could have a live version of your Chapel song as I have only heard a recording?

  3. Our trip to Ceres was so fun. My favourite activity was when I was chosen to be the Indian bride. It was a little strange that I had to wear a red wedding dress instead of white. As an Indian bride I had to wear a lot of jewellery. I looked so pretty. My mum was a helper and she took lots of photos. It was so fun.I looked so funny with that red dot on my forehead. I also got a tattoo of a love heart and was given an extra tattoo of a smilie face because I was the bride. My tattoo is still on my hand! It wont wash off or fade away!!
    I also enjoyed playing on the African drums and dancing to the beat.
    From JASMINE.

  4. What a fabulous trip to Ceres! I was so happy to be helping out 2L and learn about different cultures and traditions.
    The African hut was very entertaining. My hands felt quite sore after all that beating on the drums! Class 2L did a great job being involved and trying their best to listen carefully and repeat the beat back to the instructor. We danced an African dance and had lots of fun!!
    The Indian Hut was also very interesting.The Indian customs and traditions really fascinated me. An arranged marriage occurred between Joe and Jasmine. They both looked awesome and did a great job acting as bride and groom.
    What a wonderful day we all had! So glad the rain stayed away!

  5. Hi 2l
    I really liked going ceres.
    The activity that i liked was the wedding one.
    I know something about india Thay do lots of music and i like to do my oun music to.
    When I looked how the wedding looked like it was very wird.
    I really liked Joe and Jasmine got drestup.
    From Antonio

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