Antonio, Ben, Brodie, Ella, Hannah, Isabella, Lucas, Tara, William, Zoe and Genie all worked hard to run the stall at our College Country Fair. Thank you team Рwe could not have done it without you. Thanks to all the Grade 2L team for the preparations as well.  Would you like to know more about it?  Ask them a question in your comments.

3 thoughts on “THANK YOU TEAM!

  1. Hi 2l.
    The country fair was very good.
    We had lucky dips we know the change we had to give them.
    We sold about 28 plants it was fantastic.
    Thank you helpers.
    From Antonio and Melanie.

  2. Hey there 2L,
    Great stall at the country fair! Your class must have worked do hard in preparing for it. In fact, how did you prepare for the fair????
    Well done to everyone involved. Especially Ms Lockyer who led a great team of helpers. Lets hope other classes take your lead next year and set up stalls. Well done, Gail x

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