13 thoughts on “WORD FAMILIES

  1. Hi, Lucas and Daniel. I think your movie is great! I didn’t know about word families but thanks to your movie I learnt a whole lot about word families. I like the credits at the end. From Shoma

  2. Hello lucas and Daniel so the words are nice i loved them like nail nails and nailing that is a word familie. From a friend Blake

  3. Hi Lucas and Daniel.
    The word families wore perficet for you.
    I know you’ve bean working hard.
    I really liked your work.
    You picked the right thing a Googles and Spike movie.
    From Antonio.

  4. Lucas and Daniel wow i know that you are friends
    But its better that you guys made the movie i just
    Loved it. The best thing was the words. From Blake 🙂

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