Madison has done a good job on her maths problem-solving tasks.  They were all about chocolate!

How would you solve these problems?  Would you draw a different diagram, or use a different problem-solving method?  Leave your comment here.


  1. Hi Madison,
    Great job at your chocolates.keep it up. If you work so hard when your a adult you will be so smart. From your best friend jasmine.

  2. Hi Madison
    It looks like you have put a lot of work into your work.I like that you put six chocolate Bars.
    how did you work out your answers.
    from Monique

  3. Hi Madison,
    I am very impressed with your problem solving skills. Drawing a diagram is a great way to work out the answer. Did anything else help you to find the answer such as times tables or skip counting? Keep up the hard work, I will be sure to show the Superstars when they get back from school holidays next week!
    Miss Doig
    P.S. Did Ms Lockyer tell you who she met on her trip to Perth?

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