What Are The Chances?

Shoma and William have made an movie lent Goggles and Spike movie. They have presented it as a game show to tell us about the mathematical language we use to describe  chances. Will it be certain or impossible for the contestants to pick out a brown counter from the bag?

Can you describe any events in your life using these words: certain/impossible/likely/unlikely?

What Are The Chances? from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “What Are The Chances?

  1. We liked the video, it was funny. We learned about chances. We would like to know if there is more chance to get a chocolate bar or a sweet in a shop. We think it’s the chocolate bar. How did you make the video?

    • Hi Kingfishers
      Why don’t you make your own dice and draw chocolate bars or sweets on each side. If you want an equal chance you should draw 3 chocolate bars and 3 sweets.

  2. Great Game Show Shoma and William. Is it more likely you might put together another episode, or not?? I would love to see a new episode on Mathematical language… I loved the way you used colour to show probabilities. Excellent job boys.


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