5 thoughts on “Cool Facts

  1. We didn’t know that a kangeroo could jump so high and far and we didn’t know a hippo could run so fast. Did you know that kingfishers swoop down to catch fish (Oliver)? Did you know that a lion is the king of the animals (Alex)? We listened to the march of Royal Lions from Saint Saens. Did you know that there are 24 hours a day and lions spend 20 of them asleep (Bevan?

  2. To Amy & Tara
    You did a great job with reading and I also thought you were so brave to put your work on the blog. Maybe you could improve it by reading carefully and checking if it makes sense. This is called cross checking/
    Love from Chanel

  3. To Amy & Tara
    I like your movie . next time mabe you can put some more things in to it. Mabe next time you can teach me cool facts . I like how you put stuf that people in our class do not no. Cool facts is a good way to find things about animals and other stuf like that out .cool facts is very iniresting. From Monique

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