Our Excursion to Ecolinc

Have you bumped up your scientific thinking after your excursion to Ecolinc?  Please leave a comment about “I used to think, but now I think…” to show how your scientific thinking has grown.

Visitors and quadblogging buddies, you are welcome to leave a comment about any scientific knowledge you have to share about lifecycles and the responsible use of the Earth’s resources.

Ecolinc from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

49 thoughts on “Our Excursion to Ecolinc

  1. Hello, I used to think that the Growling grass frog made the crick crick crick sound because of its namen and when I go to the wetlands I hear the crick crick sound, but now I know that it makes a deffrent sound, thanks to incolinc.

  2. I used to think ecolinc was a place where frogs live but now i think other analmals live to. How do worms make compost into good soil

  3. I use to think that bugs like spiters were really revolting. But now I think that there living things and I have to live with them.

  4. Hi Grade 2,
    It sounds like you had a really exciting time on your excursion and learnt lots of important information. I have worked with compost before too and we had some unwelcome guests make their home inside. Mice! We put a layer of fine mesh wire on the bottom to keep them away.

    We have our sports carnival tomorrow but Room 5 will definitely be interested to see what you have been learning about next week. Great work!
    Miss D
    Room 5 Superstars
    Perth, Western Australia

    • Thank you Room 5 Superstars. Our excursion helped us to think more deeply about endangered species and the Earth’s resources. Can you help us with our learning? Do you know of any endangered species in Western Australia, and why they have become endangered?
      Ms Lockyer’s Class

  5. I loved ecolinc.
    I liked the things we hast to do I really liked the last one the animal finding.
    I hope we can go on the website so we can see all the stuff that thay do.
    I hope we can find more stuff like ecolinc.
    From Antonio

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