Tara Reads

Tara really impressed us with this video of her reading of the book ‘Car Trouble’. Her Mum Soraia and I thought it had a great message in it.

After we watched the video the class discussed which reading strategies we noticed Tara using. We heard her ‘back up and re-read’. We also noticed that she read contraction words correctly and used speech marks very effectively to help us to understand what was going on. These are part of the strategy of using punctuation to make sense of what you read.

Can you notice Tara using any other strategies in her reading?  Leave your comment here.

Tara Reading from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Tara Reads

  1. Hello Tara,
    I realy liked your reading.
    I realised youer stratergy wass you said the word that you didn’t know in your head first and then out loud.
    from Zoe

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