How Have I Changed Since I Was a Baby?

How Have I Changed Since I was a Baby? from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

As part of our Inquiry into lifecycles, we have been examining our own lifecycle. How have we changed since we were babies? In this activity we aimed to describe our changes as a scientist would: using specific term and accurate descriptions.
What do you think? Have we used scientific language in our movie? Comment here.

5 thoughts on “How Have I Changed Since I Was a Baby?

  1. 2L you have all changed so much….. Like you said, you have all grown, however you hav changed in many other ways….. You can now walk, talk, run, calculate maths, do science experiments and so much more…. Change is a great thing …. Great job 2L

  2. Hello 2l,
    I think you all look cute in your baby photo.
    I like Monique’s because she has a little flower.
    Jasmine is cut because she has bunny ears.
    From Zoe

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